Senin, 29 April 2013


Yesterday we celebrated Violet's birthday again, this time at my parents house.

It was a beautiful day and we had a very nice time.

Below are some photos of Violet's FOURTH birthday party in a week!


Thanking Grampy and Grammy.

They set up this super cute board to display Violet's works of art.  I love it!

Grampy and his girl.

Bug hunting with Grampy.

Violet's four wheeler.  Go Violet!

Playing catch.

Some horses walked by from the nearby horse farm.

Blowing out the candles.

My Dad shared some his coin collection with us.  Violet LOVES coins!

Me and my beautiful girl!

Sabtu, 27 April 2013


This was "theme week" at Violet's school, so each day she had to dress accordingly.

One day was sports themed, another was pajamas.

Yesterday was "Favorite Character" day:

Can you guess what character Violet chose to be?


I had a rough week, all 'round -- it wasn't great and I am glad it is behind me.

I ate well a lot of the time and exercised according to plan.  And on those days that I didn't, I just kind of skated through.

I've felt a calmness in the past couple of months, maybe longer, that kind of comes with realizing that the chaos of life can't always be controlled.  It just IS.  Especially in my own, personal case.  But just these past couple of weeks, changing my diet and feeling that pressure again of trying to do things right, I've been knocked off my center a little bit.  I am feeling down and unsettled again and I do not like it.

I really need to just relax.

Violet helps... my beautiful, silly girl.

And planning ahead helps too... a ready-made, easy salad filled with whole food yummies, on-the-go.


Kamis, 25 April 2013


Owen's little paws are just the CUTEST little things!


I made some yummy meals recently and I am in the process of soaking + sprouting ingredients for more.

Dinner last night: Corn salad and spinach over almond/flax tarts.

Trying to overhaul my diet and exercise routine has been TOUGH.  Harder than ever before.  I don't know, maybe it is my age, the point in my life, Violet, work, whathaveyou... but it has just been a pretty good struggle each and every day.

Like I said, I am still working at it though.  Each juice or whole food meal is a success and I will take it!!

Eating raw or vegan or just better in general is so much work, so much more than I remembered.  It takes all of this time that I took for granted when I reached for processed food.

My friend Michelle, currently on a juice fast, talks about the effort on her blog, the physical and emotional effort that it takes to make a health change a success.  It is worth it!  But tons of work too.

My cousin, a vegan and mother of three (!) actually gives me a ton of motivation. This lady is drop-dead gorgeous, has a positive attitude, a body to die for, amazing glowing skin and a smile that radiates.  I know it isn't all from her diet but it sure has A LOT to do with that.  I know it does!  That and finally leaving her abusive hubby.  I've seen her choose the healthiest choice on the menu instead of going for the yummiest (which is what I usually do when I go out!).  I want to have her resolve and her bod.  I know I can do it.

Park Days

We keep finding these painted rocks in our favorite parks!  I am actually starting to look for them when we play, but I myself, never seem to stumble upon them.  It is always Violet that spots them.  It's actually very cool to find 'em, kind of like "fate".


Violet has been enjoying her new birthday toys:

Paint-your-own magnet set.

And a special Lego horse/barn set.

Rabu, 24 April 2013


I haven't been as awesome at all times at my diet and exercise as I had hoped to be...

But I am still on my way!

These are a couple of meals I've made in the past week.

One day I made this quinoa salad for lunch on-the-go.

And this morning I made a delish pina colada shake!


Yesterday was Violet's actual birthday.   She turned six years old!

Of course, I thought about my big girl all day and how much she has grown into a beautiful little person.  I am very very proud of her.

She was with her Daddy yesterday but he invited me to visit early in the morning, as she first woke up.  I decorated her doors with birthday ribbon and had her crash through!  She loved it!



We are in the midst of Violet's birthday week. 

So far we have completed three out of four parties with much success.

Saturday was Violet's party with her school friends:

Violet and Diamond!

The best part of the party: when Hello Kitty hit the scene!

Violet and her bestest friends, Diamond and Noa:

And Sunday, a party at my Mom's house.  I did not take a lot of pictures of Violet at that particular party, as I was busy holding my adorable nephew!  But I did manage to get a few good ones!

Monday evening she also had a small gathering with her Daddy's family too.