Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013

Wednesday: Violet Reads!

As I've mentioned recently, Violet is in the midst of learning to read.

She is so amazing.  I can't help but to totally overdo it when she suddenly realizes a word while reading a book - I break into a glee-ridden clapping fit!  I love watching her learn and grow into who she is -- it is one of the most rewarding parts of my whole life.

Below I share some pictures of Miss V reading to my other baby, Mr. Owen.  It was really cute to watch her read a cat story to her most favorite cat!

Selasa, 15 Oktober 2013


On Sunday we went to a get-together at my sister's new home.  It included pumpkin carving and apple picking and lots of yummy food and drink.

Violet spent QT with all of her cousins!

Senin, 14 Oktober 2013


An Update:

1. Violet has been working hard to learn how to read.  She seems to be picking up new words every day and it is very exciting to witness.  We are encouraging her to read at least three books every night, but usually more!  She can be somewhat reluctant to read at first some times but I've noticed more confidence with each night.

2. One if Violet's friends recently transferred to Violet's school and although this change gave us worry (possible jealousy or distraction issues), it has proved to be a nice situation for them.  Violet is doing very well with it so far and enjoys seeing her friend more often.  To read more about V's friend K, check out a blog post about her *here*! 

3. I started another new job this week.  I have high hopes for this position and I really want to do a great job at it!  With my professional life all over the place this year, I am really ready for some stability and success.

4. I am also trying to create a balance with my health, schedule and Violet's care right at this very important moment in my life.  I had all summer to really focus on Violet completely and so successfully.  Now I want to take much better care of my own self while maintaining the high level of care for my girl.  I am trying to put it all together!


This is Violet, just this morning.  She was waiting in the window quite impatiently for her Grampy to come pick her up from our apartment.  They spent the day together as a favor to her Daddy and I because we had to work this Columbus Day holiday.

Final report from my Dad and Miss Violet: they had a great day together! 

Kamis, 10 Oktober 2013


Can I please stop time so Violet will stay this small and cute?!


So last night I walked into my closet to find this:

Violet made my laundry basket into a play fort!

And Mr. Owen made his own fort in my clothes pile! Can you see him??

Rabu, 09 Oktober 2013


My little man is doing very well right now!

He is keeping food down nicely and behaving quite spiritedly as of late.  I am encouraged by this good stretch of health.  I hope it lasts!

Owen: for whatever reason his tongue is always out now. It is so cute.

Violet is continuing to do really well at school too.  She has a day here and there where drop off is a little more emotional, but for the most part, she does well.  She has had a friend to walk her to class several mornings, so that really helps.

My employment situation improved immensely this week, thank the powers that be!  I am making better money while continuing to maintain Violet's school schedule.

I am also contemplating joining the gym with a friend soon, as there is a promotion.  I am on the fence because I am not exactly the gym-type BUT what the heck, it could be just the kick I need to get on an exercise schedule.  I've been thinking about it for a while - the exercise situation - and I am open to anything at this point.

Things kind of feel like they are coming together right now.  I am so hopeful for good days, weeks and months for us.  My future is definitely looking brighter.

Senin, 07 Oktober 2013


This weekend Violet went to the circus!


I haven't had a lot of access to the internet lately - besides my phone - so I haven't been able to follow many of the blogs that I used to.  But I do still make the effort to follow a select few!

And I like to share:

1. SouleMama - a beautiful blog about a mother, her family and her farm.

2. A Family Less Ordinary - a blog very close to my own heart.

3. Once Upon a Time in Mary's Brain - Mary is a special lady that I know in my real life.

4. Post Secret - always one of my favorites!

5. Earth - watch out, this one is beautiful but sometimes a little 18+.

Kamis, 03 Oktober 2013


Violet has been doing so well this week at school and it brings me so much joy, I can barely contain it.

Don't get me wrong, she would still rather skip the school thing all together but for the most part, she is accepting her fate.  I've wanted to tell her that "this is the best it's gonna get kiddo" but I have managed to keep it as positive as possible.

I know deep down that she would be the kind of child that would benefit from homeschooling or private school immensely, but those are not an option for us at this time. We will continue to do the best we can with our situation though, and I know Violet will be okay. She will have to!

She was invited to a classmate's birthday party yesterday! She was really excited, although her best friend Noa's party could potentially be the same day, so we will wait and see about it.  To think she is growing and learning and becoming such a social person, blows my mind.  I am proud of her in so many ways. And anxious too, I want the very best for her and I think about how she is doing in school, all day long.  Really, I think she is doing okay in the friend-department though, so I feel a level of comfort now that I didn't before. Her Daddy told me to relax and let her make friends in time and that it would all be okay -- but as a mother, I worry about every single thing.  I am trying to heed his advice!

I am still growing and learning myself, as a mother.  It is something new and difficult at every turn. I am still learning from Violet and family and other mothers, all at the same time.  Picking up tricks of the trade and deciding the real do's and don'ts.  I think the more involved I am, the better.  And the less I freak out, the less Violet freaks out.  So I mostly try to be as calm as possible and keep my own "stuff" to myself, while being as supportive, present and involved as I possibly can.  I guess I give it a lot of thought, probably TOO much.  It is all for her though, so it can't be bad.

Things I have learned just lately:
1. Violet is a very friendly, slightly quirky little person and she WILL make friends because she is a really cool kid.
2. Morning drop off and afternoon pick up are very important to our relationship and I will work to keep this arrangement as hard as I can!
3. Homework stinks.  I don't care what grade she is in, it stinks.
4. Daddy is the homework police.  Mommy is the laid back, do-homework-when-we-get-to-it parent.
5. Violet is super good at math but struggles with reading.  BUT she is getting better and better at both.

Things I have decided from parental observation:
1. Violet will NOT have a television in her room anytime soon, that is just nuts.  She is 6.
2. I've been thinking more about my own future relationship wise and such BUT I know I am not ready to settle down in any type of way.  I won't settle for something that is not good for Violet even if I end up a lonely cat lady, some things are non negotiable.
3. I will NOT make Violet join an extracurricular activity when she is clearly not into it.  Yeah, I liked dance when I was a kid but I'm not about to "make" Violet do it just because it fulfills something for me.  She is swamped just being a kid, doing the school thing. I would never make her do something unless it was a Violet-sized passion for her.

Today I would describe Violet as:
1. Funny
2. Anxious
3. Shy
4. Artistically inclined
5. Independent
6. Very loved and very loving
7. Intelligent
8. Aware
9. Sweet
10. Impatient
11. Emotional
12. Impressionable 


Rabu, 02 Oktober 2013


This morning was chilly enough for Violet to wear her super stylish, super adorable Hello Kitty Jean Jacket!  Thank you Grampy and Grammy!

Doesn't she totally rock this jean jacket?!

Love my girl and her Violet-chic style.

Selasa, 01 Oktober 2013


It's October now and I feel like I am settling into this fall season just right.

I am loving the cool nights and warmer days.  I absolutely love sweater weather and the crunch of leaves as we walk to school each morning.

Just lately I've been taking some nice walks, enjoying the beautiful trees around our 'hood!

Looky see:

Life these days...

1. Well I am SO HAPPY TO REPORT that Miss Violet has had a few awesome days at school!  She has taken drop off like a pro and shares her school day experiences readily with us each afternoon.  We were quite worried as some new inner city students joined her first grade - one in her class - and we thought it could prove to be very disruptive to her.  She is taking it okay though, so far on day two.  I hope she continues to flourish though with each and every passing week, despite any bumps along the way!

2. Our kitty Owen has been enjoying a stretch of good health.  His loving nature has returned in full force due to this upswing and I am happy to say he is as affectionate as ever, sitting/purring/sleeping with me more than ever: