Kamis, 27 Juni 2013


Notice how her smile is blue??

That would be blue slurpee.


Miss Violet picked these flowers for me on her way to my house the other day.  How very sweet of her!

She got into her makeup yesterday.  She offered me a makeover but I declined. 

I absolutely LOVE how she lines up her babies on the side of the bathtub during tubby time.

She has been super into coloring lately.  More artwork for my walls!

Reading to me last night: she is getting better and better at it!

An AWESOME new favorite.  I love this book.

And another new fav.


Violet visited the zoo this past week with her Daddy and Nana.

We have been to this zoo several times before but Violet always enjoys it very much.

I am planning my own zoo trip with my side of Violet's family very soon.  I am really excited!

Selasa, 25 Juni 2013

6 Months to Christmas- My Christmas present to myself

Hi Lovelies!

Where the heck have I been?!
Oh yes, I remember, getting fat. Story of my life.

But it's time to rewrite my story. Because life is too short to be unhappy with the story you're living. 

Did you know that June 25th is the half way point to Christmas? 
I started thinking about how nice it would be to be back in shape, and on my game by Christmas morning. How awesome of a present would that be?

So I am starting. Today. Right now.

Current weight: 204
Christmas morning goal weight: 160

 That's 2 pounds a week for 6 months.

Thank you for all of your support and emails over the past few months!
I hope you'll continue to follow me on my new journey.

Minggu, 23 Juni 2013


Violet spent an entire THREE days at the beach this weekend.  What a life!  She and her Daddy spent two days with her Nana, at her home on the beach.  It is really beautiful there and Violet loves it.

Today I spent the day with Violet at the beach too - since she was already there! - and we got to check out a really cool Sand Sculpture Competition.

Check out some of the sculptures:

2013 Winner.

My favorite: The Dragon

After, we played in the sand and water for hours. 

Violet is such a beach girl, bikini and all!

Jumat, 21 Juni 2013


My lovebug is at the beach today with her Daddy and Nana.  Lucky girl!


I found this lovely picture on Pinterest recently.  Which reminds me that I am spending waaaaay too much time on that website.  It is so bad.  Sooooo bad.  I am totally addicted.

Flowers make me happy though, they really do.  Just a quick peek at my flowers board and it is a serious pick-me-up.

Violet has been on vacation with her Daddy this week so I haven't seen her as often as usual.  This has been a little tough on me but I look forward to this summer when we can have oodles of fun together.

With all of this time to myself, naturally I've come to have many conclusions about things, you know, thinking so much.  Here is what I've discovered:

1. Two cats is one too many.
2. The job market really stinks still.  For an art history major with limited actual museum experience, it's worse. I'd like to be done looking for employment since I've been on the search for YEARS now.
3. I can live on very little money for quite an extended amount of time.
4. Best Cupcake Shop EVER.
5. I keep discovering that I am a better Mother than I thought I would be.
6. I miss my sisters and their children A LOT.  I am addicted to my nephew Levi and I think about him so much.  He is someone very very special.
7. Feeling sorry for myself is useless.
8. My Mom gives free pep-talks via text message when I am feeling down. Sometimes they seem mean, sometimes they make me cry from tenderness.
9. Romantic love is so complicated sometimes. Sigh. Sometimes I want to settle in some way so I can feel "normal" but then I can see others do it out of loneliness or desperation and I realize I am better than that. It has to be right for me, right for Violet and when the stars line-up.
10. The Angry Therapist changed up his website/blog and I don't much like it anymore.
11. The older I get:
(a) the more I love the beach.
(b) realize I should be paying my own phone bill but am not (sorry Mom).
(c) love BBQ.
(d) see how hard it is to be a parent.
(e) the more confident I generally feel in my own skin.
(f) understand that we are all just doing the best we can.

Rabu, 19 Juni 2013


Today Violet and I went on an adventure starting with a visit to meet the newest member of our growing family, my brand spankin' new nephew, Baby G.

After our visit we played mini golf (another destination on our summer fun bucket list!), had a picnic lunch  and ended with a good time at Funspot, a local historic arcade.

My other cutie pie nephew and his 'rents joined us at the arcade!  Baby L is SO CUTE!

Finally we hit the park again on our way home.

It was such a great day!

Arghhhh Matey! Welcome to the Pirate's Cove!

Violet did very well for her first try at mini-golf.

There were lots of butterflies in the flowers surrounding the course.

Violet enjoyed yummy raspberries at our lunch picnic.

Baby L!  He is probably the cutest little man I've ever seen and such a sweet baby.  I have such a soft spot in my heart for this boy.

And finally to finish our day, at the park near home.