Sabtu, 31 Agustus 2013


I got through my first week back to work!  It wasn't easy and I missed Violet very much but I am relieved to be earning much-needed money again.

I really couldn't have gone back it if wasn't for my family.  Violet's grandparents offered to keep her so that I could work.

Yesterday they took Violet to a local annual fair - the Hopkinton State Fair.  Grammy A sent us a few pics from her camera phone so we could see all the fun they were having!

Below: Violet LOVED this horse!  They watched her compete in a show and visited her afterwards.  Her owner/rider offered Violet a ride at no charge.  Violet was over-the-moon!

I think she will definitely want take riding lessons in the near future.  She really loves horses so much.  

Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013


Today Violet shared a very special day with her most favorite friend, Noa!

The two had a great time, playing at parks (where they saw horses!) and making closet forts and being in their very own "secret best friend club" at Noa's home.  

I picked Violet up in the early afternoon after work but stayed a while to visit with Noa and her very sweet Mom.  I LOVED watching the girls play!  They get along so well and easy.  It's such a joy to see my girl so happy and loved by her friend.  

The play date came on the cusp of the girls entering different first grade classes.  I really hope they remain friends regardless.  I think their friendship is worth our effort and I want Violet to be in the company of sweet girls... girls like herself! 

Photos courtesy of Noa's Mommy

Senin, 26 Agustus 2013


Last Christmas Violet's Daddy gifted her a create-her-own-story book.

I thought it was the coolest gift and I immediately plotted to get one for her too!

I eventually found one and we have been working on it together for the past few weeks.

It came out really cute!

Once upon a time...

One day Chloe the unicorn saw a shoe on a pillow.  She wondered what it was doing there.

Chloe saw two birds.  She did the spell to say hi.  She walked by.

She saw it was getting late and she was going to bed.

Chloe saw it was morning.  She saw a carriage and followed it.

Chloe found where the carriage led to.  It was a princess!  The princess gave her a cupcake.  Chloe smiled.

Chloe went out and looked at the sky for a second.  She went back in.

Chloe the unicorn saw a mouse.  The mouse gave her a flower.  He said hi and she said hi.  She walked by.

Chloe the unicorn saw a butterfly.  She was happy and then she walked by.

Chloe the unicorn saw a dragon.  She said hello and he said hello...

He said he will help her find her parents.

The dragon said her parents were over that way.  She went to them.

Chloe the unicorn finally found her Mom and Dad.  She was happy.


On the last day before I return to work, in the last week before Violet begins first grade (wowza! first grade!), Violet and I shared a really awesome Mommy + Violet day together.

I asked her what she wanted to do on this special day:

Pottery Painting!

And later...

A special fancy lunch with Mommy! 

Minggu, 25 Agustus 2013


Sunday at Grampy and Grammy's


Our week in pictures:

We attended our last local youth theater production last week.  Beauty and the Beast.  It was really good!  We did skip the meet-and-greet this time though - the line was crazy long and I was pooped from a day at the beach.
Photos of the Daddy+Violet Fort courtesy of Violet's Daddy.


Thank you Grammy for giving us a "girl's morning out"!


Last week was our very last summer vacation week together.

This week I return to work.


I will miss Violet so much I can barely think of this change.  BUT my work schedule allows for me to always drop her at school and also, always pick her up from school.  For this, I am so so happy.  Last year my schedule did not allow for school pick-ups and it hurt me very much.  This year is different for the better.

So for our very last week, I made sure we had a lot of fun together.  This meant two trips to THE BEACH!

Oh, and guess who got a sweet new photo app on her iphone?  

York Beach, York, Maine

Bathroom art.

Jenness Beach, Rye, New Hampshire