Minggu, 28 Juli 2013


Violet was away this weekend.

This is okay because she was with her Grammy and Grampy!

She asked all week, each day, how many days it was until she could sleep at their house.

Christmas and her birthday are the only other times a countdown like this happens.

Grammy A shared some phone pictures with us of their time together:

Yes, she talked Grampy into doing a marching band!  This is so great for so many reasons!!

Can I just reiterate how much Violet loves her dental hygiene?  She is such a good girl.

Bug hunting: this time they found a rare black and yellow lizard-type animal.


I am finishing up another great weekend of eating pretty darn great and seeing lots of family!

This morning I met up with all of my sisters and mum:

My sis H and her hubs C.  With little A! Can you believe the bod on this woman who gave birth to baby #2 just a month ago!?

Grammy and little A.

That's right, little man was there too!

Gah he is just so cute! I can't get over it.

Yeah, I might steal him.

We all went out for breakfast to the joint where my lil' sis works!

My Mom and baby G!

Lovin' on Auntie S.

Mmmmm.. the food was good.

After breakfast some of us went to a nearby thrift store.  We used to go here often when I was younger, so it was great to check it out again.  SO MANY awesome clothes and deals.  I wish I had more money!!  

I did find an inexpensive Calvin Klein dress for job purposes.  What a steal!

At a size 6 I thought, NO WAY is this gonna fit but it fits like a glove!

Sabtu, 27 Juli 2013


I am SO happy to report that I have been eating so great!

Lots of greens and fresh fruits!

I have also been doing some cooking in my kitchen again.  This time alone with my food, music and thoughts is so good for my mind and soul right now.  I am in the process of creating a few weekly staples, meaning I am in the middle of making each piece of several things at once.

For instance, I am making tarts.  This requires the tart crust, a spread and also, veggies for the top.  The tart has several components of it's own.  The veggies need to be marinated then dried some.  I am also making kale chips and this time, using a new method that requires some extra work.

Making my own food is really a matter of STAGES.  The more I embrace the whole food/raw lifestyle, the more I realize how important planning and patience are to the success of it all.  I have to accept that my meals have to be prepared in these stages and I must make the effort and secure the time.

I have a ton of recipes that I've collected over the years!

And magazine clippings that all go into these special recipe binders.

Notes! So many recipe and shopping notes.  I keep them all!

I cut the guts out of my tomatoes before I marinate.  How cruel of me! Hee hee.

Marinating asparagus: oils and salt+pepper soften the hard stalks.

My Mom bought me this super fresh flat kale for chip makin'.  Thanks Mom!

Cheezy dip!

I put my kale inside a bag this time to really soak up the flavor.  I can't wait for my chips!

This here is ATV sour cream, used to make SO MANY other things.

My tarts with wet and dry ingredients: another ATV recipe.

I pat them into tart perfection before drying them.

A lot of my recipes are knock-offs from yummy things I have bought, like this Kookie Karma banana bread cookie.  It is SO GOOD!  I can't wait for my bananas to ripen so I can make these again!


On Thursday I took Violet to a local petting zoo and farm.

I got this awesome deal on a coupon website that cut the admission price nearly in half!

And we took full advantage of the visit by going on all the rides: tractor, pony and horse-drawn carriage.

After our farm trip we had a play date with Violet's BFF Noa!

We met at the library for their free summer children's series event. 

It was a showcase of animals from Wildlife Encounters.  We saw a lizard, turtle, rabbit, hedgehog and baby skunk! 

Photo courtesy of Noa's Mom.


We had another SUPER busy week again!

One night Violet made all her own clay creatures.  They came out so cute!

And then she got 'hold of my camera!

We played with her little mini toys FOR HOURS. Many, many hours.

We FINALLY got a hold of the ice cream truck this week!!

Rabu, 24 Juli 2013


Today we went to another show at our local theater!  Again we waited after to do the meet-and-greet.

This one was the best one yet.  Snow White!

I'm sorry for the poor quality of this photo but I wasn't supposed to take pics at all!  Whoops!


The Evil Queen!  Muahaha!

Snow White and her Prince!  The actress did such a wonderful job.  I LOVE her voice.