Jumat, 31 Mei 2013


At the beach: two sand forts, three rock gardens, one mud castle and several new rock treasures.

Kamis, 30 Mei 2013



An Update:

Lunch one day.

Green Juice!


A Bunny Spice Breakfast Shake.

My Owen kitty continues to thrive again after a very tough stretch.

I changed his food again to something even MORE healthy, if even believable.  I bought this frozen raw food that allows me to defrost a small amount and mix with tuna fish (which he will always eat) and it seems to really be working well.  He is putting on a little weight.

He has been very naughty though, a sure sign he is feeling better.

Look what he did to my plants!!


Beach Days in May:

Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH.

Just off Wallis Sands Beach.

North Hampton Beach.

My pretty friend, Kayley.

Minggu, 26 Mei 2013


Violet at the fireworks: Memorial Day 2013!


Today marks day three of eating better.

I haven't started my exercise routine yet but it is happening soon.

Below I've included some photos from my weekly eats:

I whipped up some cashew-jalapeno-lime "cheese" sauce...

And some chili-marinated veggies to put in leaf wraps.

The other night I put together some cheesecake brownies: the yummy chocolate crust.

Cashew based filling.

And a chocolatey topping.

Ingredients in my Pina Colada breakfast smoothie: coconut, vanilla + lime.

I purchased this uber expensive dessert at my local health food store (for my birthday).

It was pretty decent.  Not nearly worth the price tag though!
Lunch one day: baby bok choy and locally made red pepper hummus.


My Birthday Weekend:

Violet and her Daddy made me these awesome gifts!

The BEST shoes ever given to me (thank you D).

Photo by V.

I wanted to take Violet somewhere really really special on my birthday, some place with rides and kiddie coasters BUT the weather was too cold.  It snowed here this weekend!  

We decided to visit the paint-your-own-pottery studio because it is inside (where it's warm), it is fun and relaxing, and I get another present from the finished piece.