Minggu, 29 September 2013


Violet spent this whole weekend at Daddy's house and they had a jam-packed schedule!

First they attended the Comic Convention and then today, the local Autumn Fair.

At the fair, Violet met up with her Nana!  They had a great time:

Sabtu, 28 September 2013


Today V's Daddy took her to a comic convention in town.

They attend this every year and they look forward to it.  This year Violet dressed in part of her Halloween costume.  Once there, they met up with my sister, Auntie K!  It looks like they had a lot of fun.

Here they are, SO CUTE!:

And another with none-other-than Jabba the Hutt himself - what!!

Kamis, 26 September 2013


Last night we attended a family picnic at Violet's new school.

We socialized with parents, children and teachers.  It was a nice time.

Although Violet's Daddy and I aren't a couple anymore, we are still able to attend things for Violet very easily and without a lot of drama, and for that, I am very happy.  It may not always be that way for whatever reason but right now it is a tremendous relief.  I know it is good for Violet to observe our willingness to participate in her life together.

I took a few shots of Violet playing in the field behind her school, behind the picnic.  Her Daddy played chase with her until one of the other children asked her to play with them instead.
Here she is with her first grade posse -- (third one in, wearing blue).  SO CUTE!
  I am sorry these photos are so blurry, I had to zoom way in as to not interrupt the play time!   It does help keep the anonymity of her classmates though. 

Selasa, 24 September 2013



Today was picture day at school!

Miss Violet wore her favorite Hello Kitty dress and two cute piggy tails in her hair.

She promised me that she would smile big and show teeth for the picture.  I want her cute missing-tooth-space to show!  I am still getting used to her new smile and it is SO DARN CUTE!

School drop off has continued to be a struggle for her.  She begs me sometimes, from the moment she awakes, not to bring her to school.  She cries when we reach the door to go in.  She won't let me go from her, she holds my arm so tight.  It breaks my heart every time.

Some days aren't so bad though.  One time a friend walked her down and another time, a helpful teacher. Those days are much better for her (and ME too!).

I love her so much.  I swear I thank my lucky stars every single day for her.

Tomorrow we are attending a family picnic at her school!  I am pretty excited and nervous too.  I am so shy, Violet is so shy and her Daddy too.  But that is why we are going - to meet people and be social!  I feel like it is really important for us to be a part of her school community and so far, I am doing alright.

Senin, 23 September 2013


Grampy showing V how to properly clean her apple before eating it!

Sitting for a picture!

The pumpkin patch: we were looking for a "perfect" or "white" pumpkin for Violet.

But the white ones aren't available yet and general pickins' were slim.

G and V discussing some important pumpkin-talk.

HERE are all the pumpkins!  No white ones though..

THE pumpkin Violet finally chose.

Violet ALWAYS comes away with extra goodies anytime G+G take her out!  Here see a special maple candy (love for this candy is basically a family tradition) and a cool new Halloween coloring book, purchased at the apple orchard farm stand.

We shared a yummy apple for dessert last night.... Thanks to Grammy and Grampy for taking us!  I now need to get on my apple recipe-making extravaganza!


Life Lately...

Playing under the covers one day, enjoying our time away from school and work.

Auntie S came to visit us this weekend and we made a trip to the park... (Photo courtesy of Auntie S).

She brought Miss Violet an art easel! 

And this is Owen cuddling me!  This is his usual spot.

Jumat, 20 September 2013



When we ask Violet what she wants to be when she grows up, she usually will cite the following professions: "Pet Doctor", Swim Instructor and Preschool Teacher.

One day this week Violet decided to play Veterinarian with Owen, my elderly kitty.  He was very good about it and endured quite a bit of poking and prodding:

I think she would make a great Pet Doctor, don't you?!

Rabu, 18 September 2013


On day thirteen of being a great, big first grader, my girl told me she got to put her name on a special board for children that have lost teeth.  She was really excited. 

And on Monday, she was the "line leader" all day, another positive for her! 

I know this school thing is hard but I continue to be so proud of her progress and bravery.  

Tomorrow we attend her school's Open House .  I am anxious to see her classroom again and to speak with her teacher and fellow parents. 

My beautiful, silly girl is always so happy AFTER school!