Senin, 25 Februari 2013


I took a few photos from my phone upon my arrival at work this morning.
The landscape here is always beautiful even when covered in a foot of pesky, new snow.
(I had to trudge through this snow (12+ inches) to my office as the plow had not visited yet!)
Approaching the Village.

White on yellow.


Yesterday Violet and I watched one of Violet's favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz, and we had the cool idea of drawing some of the characters while we watched.

I thought they came out really great -- it was truly a team effort:

Violet's Fav: Glinda the Good Witch.

Wicked Witch of the West.

The Scarecrow.



I visited with my family this past Friday evening.

My youngest sister J brought along her lovely family (Baby L was in the house! yeaaaah) and some yummy food.

My sister S hosted all of us.

It was very nice.

I got to cuddle this little bundle.  He is SO damn cute!


Snow had us housebound most of the weekend (again! 3rd weekend in a row!).
We still found fun.

We did some important furniture painting.  Owen supervised.

There was a little jumping on the bed involved.

Look at those BEAUTIFUL EYES!

We also spent some time outside enjoying the snow!
Below Violet sits beside her Snow Kitty and is later buried in the white stuff.



Jumat, 22 Februari 2013


An Update:

1. I (and me alone!) put the deposit on Violet's birthday shindig.  I am so super excited!  I even started the process of making the invitations.  Here is a sneak peak:


2. Money has been really bad.  My finances are nightmare inducing, sleep preventing, panic attack material, you get the idea... I work part time and make funny money.  Paying my bills seems like a joke, forget thinking about affording Violet's birthday, car repairs and Owen's cat food.

Speaking of Owen, he isn't feeling well right now.  He has his good days and his bad days, I guess, but the bad ones seem so frequent.  He throws up his kitty food and has bad litter box situations and I feel so sad for him.  I am trying my hardest to find a magic food that will help him, but deep down I believe it will most likely remain this way until the end, regardless of diet.

The man himself, looking quite handsome.

3. My own diet and exercise situation is not well.  Non existent actually.  I started to make some yummies and get myself back in that saddle but nothing happened.  I ate a few healthy meals, fell down the lazy-well and landed right back where I sit now.  Tired, grumpy and plumper than ever.

I have a hard time going up stairs now.  All stairs.  I huff and puff all the way up and I might sweat too.  It is not good.  The stairs at Violet's Kindergarten are the worst too and they aren't even that steep.  Violet runs their length each morning and I climb my way up slowly and heavy-footed. 

Yes, those steps there, in front, kick my butt! Crazy!
I really need to get a handle on my body and health situation.  It is dire!

4. I've been listening to tons of radio music, talk radio and my new favorite pop indulgence, Lana Del Rey.  I am not a fan of her genre of music mostly, it can be so shallow and downright dumb (think Katy Perry) but something about her voice makes it okay.  Her sweeping melodies are so beautiful that most times I forget how empty the lyrics can be.  This is fine though.  Mostly I just want to listen and get lost in it.
A recent Italian cover shoot of Miss Lana.  What a sexy lady and what a voice to match!

5. My lovely Violet is doing really great, in school and in general.

She still spends time with her most favorite school friend, Noa.  Just lately another cutie, Diamond, has shown up on the play scene too.  LOVE those names, Noa and Diamond.  They are strong and beautiful like VIOLET.  Naming our children like this is so great, I love the individuality instead of the weird spelling of names I see so often (which is so UGHHHH, ya know, like "Rylee" or ""Mikaylah" or whatever -- such a pet peeve of mine).  These girls are one in a million, just like their super cool names!

She is working on reading and math.  Her math is A++ and the reading is coming along too.


My beautiful, crazy girl yesterday at her favorite play area: Krazy Kids!

We made a game of pushing her kitty down the slide.

"How to Slide" Kitty Style (hee hee)

Climbing the structures (is harder than it looks, ok, maybe that's just me).

We had a great time!  Miss Violet fell asleep on the way home and I was pretty tuckered too... sure indication of fun had by all.


Jumat, 15 Februari 2013


I was just noticing how very much my big girl has been growing and maturing lately.  It is all happening so quickly and I want to slow it down!

Not that I want to go back to the baby years, nor do I want her to stay little forever... but I do miss that squeezable, adorable, completely compactable age sometimes.

Either way I am so proud of my beautiful Violet Lea. 

From beautiful baby...

To beauteous girlhood.


Violet and I have been practicing her reading skills as of late.  She is getting better and better at it and will be a super, amazing reader in no time.

Among her favorite books right now: Jan Thomas' Rhyming Dust Bunnies.  I've found that these particular stories really help her because they rhyme and also offer some humor as an added bonus. 

I've made it my mission to find similar books that use rhymes and silliness to appeal to my girl. 

Her Daddy and I have worried just lately that perhaps she should be reading by now.  I try not to worry about these things but of course, I don't want her to be behind her peers.  We are making an effort to spend our personal time reading with her more often. 

I've been observing other children her age lately and honestly - I totally know other parents must say this too - but my daughter is such a peach!  She doesn't lie, she isn't sneaky (with food, my personal items, etc), she is sweet most of the time and is pretty emotionally mature, in my opinion.  If I leave her alone in the next room for a while, I do not fear for her safety or the safety of my belongings!  She is nice to the other children in her class and is courteous to her teachers.  She minds her own business, she asks if she wants something of mine and she doesn't make distastrous messes.  I remember being such a little shit when I was her age and she is nothing like me at all (in that respect, thankfully).  It is pretty darn awesome!  I am a very lucky lady to have such a good girl.

I hope this goodness extends into the teen years...



Senin, 11 Februari 2013


A recent post from one of my favorite internet places... the angry therapist.

If you’re single, don’t compare your life to the people around you getting married and having kids. They’re not as happy as you think. If you’re a parent, be present more than anything else. If you’re divorced, embrace it. This is your rebirth. Walk with certainty. Be kind to your parents. Stop dreaming and start living them. You’ve earned what you know and no one can take that away. Know that. Tighten your strainer. Work on your relationships. Draw boundaries with Sharpie instead of chalk. Fight for something. Create. Write a book. Get out of your head and house. Lean toward your fears. Do everything for the stretch. Date better. Cook. Play loud. Fuck like you mean it. Be mindful. Drink water. Turn your dial to give. Love your body. Seek nectar. Punch the sky not a clock. Live in color. Resist nothing.

- Angry

Read more HERE.


This past weekend we endured a whopping of snow here in New Hampshire!

It was called a "blizzard" and it dumped over two feet on some of our neighbors.   I think we saw about two feet in our town.

Violet was with her Dad the evening of the storm and I was home with my kitties.  We were all safe and warm, thank goodness, and we did not experience any hardship or power outages.

I did have a heck of a time digging my car out though!  It was completely buried.

Here are some photos I took of the aftermath:

A look at my street from my front window, upon waking.

My first walk outside.. snow up to my waist.

My car is the one that you can't see!!

Naturally, I was inside most of the time following the storm.
Violet and I played "spy" with her cool, new binoculars (from Grammy Alice) and the kitties cuddled together to stay warm.



Kamis, 07 Februari 2013


I've been busy in the kitchen.

I am getting ready to add health back to my diet.

I made some nut-based sour cream for tarts and onion spread.
I marinated red pepper, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and green onion for tart toppings.
Then I whipped up some pine nut cheese spread.

Senin, 04 Februari 2013


Weekend pictures:
From my Dad's birthday soiree.
And some random fun times.