Kamis, 03 Oktober 2013


Violet has been doing so well this week at school and it brings me so much joy, I can barely contain it.

Don't get me wrong, she would still rather skip the school thing all together but for the most part, she is accepting her fate.  I've wanted to tell her that "this is the best it's gonna get kiddo" but I have managed to keep it as positive as possible.

I know deep down that she would be the kind of child that would benefit from homeschooling or private school immensely, but those are not an option for us at this time. We will continue to do the best we can with our situation though, and I know Violet will be okay. She will have to!

She was invited to a classmate's birthday party yesterday! She was really excited, although her best friend Noa's party could potentially be the same day, so we will wait and see about it.  To think she is growing and learning and becoming such a social person, blows my mind.  I am proud of her in so many ways. And anxious too, I want the very best for her and I think about how she is doing in school, all day long.  Really, I think she is doing okay in the friend-department though, so I feel a level of comfort now that I didn't before. Her Daddy told me to relax and let her make friends in time and that it would all be okay -- but as a mother, I worry about every single thing.  I am trying to heed his advice!

I am still growing and learning myself, as a mother.  It is something new and difficult at every turn. I am still learning from Violet and family and other mothers, all at the same time.  Picking up tricks of the trade and deciding the real do's and don'ts.  I think the more involved I am, the better.  And the less I freak out, the less Violet freaks out.  So I mostly try to be as calm as possible and keep my own "stuff" to myself, while being as supportive, present and involved as I possibly can.  I guess I give it a lot of thought, probably TOO much.  It is all for her though, so it can't be bad.

Things I have learned just lately:
1. Violet is a very friendly, slightly quirky little person and she WILL make friends because she is a really cool kid.
2. Morning drop off and afternoon pick up are very important to our relationship and I will work to keep this arrangement as hard as I can!
3. Homework stinks.  I don't care what grade she is in, it stinks.
4. Daddy is the homework police.  Mommy is the laid back, do-homework-when-we-get-to-it parent.
5. Violet is super good at math but struggles with reading.  BUT she is getting better and better at both.

Things I have decided from parental observation:
1. Violet will NOT have a television in her room anytime soon, that is just nuts.  She is 6.
2. I've been thinking more about my own future relationship wise and such BUT I know I am not ready to settle down in any type of way.  I won't settle for something that is not good for Violet even if I end up a lonely cat lady, some things are non negotiable.
3. I will NOT make Violet join an extracurricular activity when she is clearly not into it.  Yeah, I liked dance when I was a kid but I'm not about to "make" Violet do it just because it fulfills something for me.  She is swamped just being a kid, doing the school thing. I would never make her do something unless it was a Violet-sized passion for her.

Today I would describe Violet as:
1. Funny
2. Anxious
3. Shy
4. Artistically inclined
5. Independent
6. Very loved and very loving
7. Intelligent
8. Aware
9. Sweet
10. Impatient
11. Emotional
12. Impressionable 

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