Senin, 14 Oktober 2013


An Update:

1. Violet has been working hard to learn how to read.  She seems to be picking up new words every day and it is very exciting to witness.  We are encouraging her to read at least three books every night, but usually more!  She can be somewhat reluctant to read at first some times but I've noticed more confidence with each night.

2. One if Violet's friends recently transferred to Violet's school and although this change gave us worry (possible jealousy or distraction issues), it has proved to be a nice situation for them.  Violet is doing very well with it so far and enjoys seeing her friend more often.  To read more about V's friend K, check out a blog post about her *here*! 

3. I started another new job this week.  I have high hopes for this position and I really want to do a great job at it!  With my professional life all over the place this year, I am really ready for some stability and success.

4. I am also trying to create a balance with my health, schedule and Violet's care right at this very important moment in my life.  I had all summer to really focus on Violet completely and so successfully.  Now I want to take much better care of my own self while maintaining the high level of care for my girl.  I am trying to put it all together!

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